Tours and workshops

Scheduled days

Saturday, 25 November 2017 (All day)
Journée "Couleurs d'automne et Ecorces"

Célébrez la Sainte Catherine en admirant les dernières couleurs d'automne et en découvrant de magnifiques écorces colorées en compagnie des Frères "Hennebelle" et des plus beaux trésors de leur pépinière! 

Visites guidées sans inscription préalable:

Visite découverte (env. 1h) 15€/pers: départ à 11h et à 15h

Visite détaillée (env. 2h) 28€/pers: départ 10h et 14h

VENTE DE PLANTES DU JARDIN à la fin de chaque visite avec un choix unique d'érables à peau de serpent, d'hybrides du Vasterival en de nombreuse tailles et à des prix très attractifs.

Ouverture du portail 30 minutes avant la visite, parking à l'intérieur..

Les allées sont très humides en ce moment, bottes ou chaussures de marches sont conseillés.


No subscription

Reservations for Tours & Workshops - Internships

Discovery tour

with Aurélie André

A walk through the garden discovering the most beautiful displays and plants of the day.

All year round, monday to friday, by appointment.

Duration : 1 hour approx.

Fee   : 15€ / person

              8€ / child above the age of 6

Gate opens at 10:30 to access parking spaces in the courtyard. Tour begins at 11:00.

During French school holidays, these tours are available with NO APPOINTMENT, monday to friday at 11:00.

Forthcoming holiday periods for 2017:   April 3rd to May 5th  -  July 7th to September 1st.

Detailed tour

with Aurélie André, Dominique Cousin or Didier Willery 

This detailed tour allows one to enjoy the most attractive plants, scenes and displays of the day throughout the whole garden. (The itinerary varies according to weather conditions and the interests of the season).

All year, monday to friday, by appointment; saturdays, for groups of 15 or more.

Duration : 2 to 3 hours

Weekday fees :  

28 € /pers. (1 to 5 persons)

25 € /pers. (6 to 20 persons)

20 € /pers. (20 persons plus)

Week-end fees:  

33 € /pers. (min. 15 persons)

Student fees :  

14 € / pers. (1 to 5 persons)

12,50 € / pers. (6 to 20 persons)

10 € / pers. (20 persons plus)

Thematic tour

with Didier Willery / Dominique Cousin

The thematic tour focuses on a group of seasonal plants with its different species et varieties.

  • By appointment for groups of  6 persons or more
  • Forthcoming scheduled dates for lone visitors: see agenda below 

Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Weekday fee  : 33€ /pers.

Schools and students in horticulture : on demand


with Dominique Cousin

Passionate about trees and pruning, Dominique conveys his knowledge clearly and with great ease; he demonstrates the Vasterival Transparence Pruning method in situ while simutaneously explaining its principles and its results on different plants and guides the participants during their practical excercises. (Please remember to bring your secateurs with you!)

Planting, composting, mulching, maintenance, plant pairing are amongst the various subjects touched upon during these 1-day courses combining a guided tour, demonstrations and practical exercises.

  • By appointment for groups of 6 persons or more
  • Forthcoming programmed dates for lone amateurs: see agenda below.

Duration : 10am-5pm (lunch break: 12:30-1:30, bring along a picnic meal) 

Fee : 95€/ pers.

"Family" workshops

Throughout the seasons & in the company of your children, discover the garden's numerous tresors as well as its scents, colours and textures.

On the afternoon's agenda, in collaboration with artist Jeanne Baur Antequil, will be: botanical discoveries for adults & children, ephemeral artistic creations with natural elements collected in the garden, planting wokshop to take away and finally, afternoon tea!

Duration: 1:30 - 4:30 pm

Fee: 15€ / adult - 10€ / child above the age of 6


Interns from all horticultural backgrounds are welcome for one-week (non-paid) extensible internships. Housing is available on site.

Prerequisites : the intern must be attached to a horticulutural school or organism, motivated and have a car or other means of transport.

Walk-in guided tours during school holidays

A walk through the garden discovering the most beautiful displays and plants of the day.

During French school holiday periods, these guided tours are available with NO APPOINTMENT, monday to friday at 11am

Duration : 1 hour approx.

Fees : 15€ / adult, 10€ / child over the age of 6

Gate opens at 10:30 to access parking spaces in the courtyard.

Forthcoming holiday periods :  April 3rd to May 5th 2017 and July 10th to September 1st 2017

At the end of the tour, you may wish to discover our new "sales-workshop-conference" space with a wide selection of books on plants, gardens & beekeeping, as well as our "gardenmade" honey & plants.





'Le Vasterival' garden is a private garden, open by appointment all year round, with the exception of sundays and public holidays. 

All tours are guided in French or English by a member of our team

The garden has limited accessibility for the disabled. 

Thank you for leaving your pets at home.

For your comfort, please wear boots and bring your rain gear!

The gate being closed during tours and training days, if delayed please call 02 35 85 12 05.


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Map of the garden