A garden 

of passions


Une visite BOTANIQUE (sans réservation) aura lieu

tous les vendredis (sauf jours fériés), de 14h à 16h.

Ouverture du portail à 13h30, parking à l'intérieur.

Pour plus d'infos et calendrier des floraisons: https://www.vasterival.fr/visites-cours-et-stage


Les visites "DECOUVERTE" (sans réservation) reprendront le 30 MARS, du lundi au vendredi, de 11h à 12h15. 


For more than 50 years (1955-2009), Princess Greta Sturdza transformed 30 acres of wild thicket into magical undergrowth where the shapes, colours and scents of more than 9'000 species and varieties blend in perpetual change enchanting visitors  all year round. 


Since 2010, her loyal team together with Princess Irene Sturdza keep this unique garden alive and open all year. It seduces amateur gardeners as well as the most reknowned botanists and horticulture specialists through guided tours, training days, family workshops, internships, plant selling and simply, the sharing of enthusiastic passion for nature, beauty and botany.

Tours & Training

"Thanks for the beauty and work for the most astonishing garden!"

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Open all year by appointment, except sundays and public holidays